2005 BMW Overview

The BMW K1200S Motorcycle is a Superbike. It is 515 lbs (dry), including ABS and ESA (25 lbs), boasts 167HP, at a redline of 10,500RPM; with a first ever on any production motorcycle Hossack inspired Duolever front suspension. The options include also first on a production motorcycle an electronic suspension stiffness adjustment, which works quite effortlessly and can be adjusted in 9 ways as you ride the bike. The engine is a transverse (cross the frame), water-cooled, inline 4. The power from the motor is delivered to the rear-wheel via BMW’s latest final shaft drive, which is maintenance-free for the life of the machine.

The stock performance of this bike is more than adequate for my needs so only minor changes that include a race airflow system, carbon slip-on and a fuel management module were done to the bike.

This bike has been painted and dressed up from end to end. Body panels were wet sanded and clear coated multiple times to attain an extraordinary depth in the finish. The bike is loaded with carbon fiber replacement body parts and add-ons most of which were custom painted and finished with a multi clear coat process. The stock plastic and metal frame components have also been custom painted to match the paint theme, and all hardware, including engine and body hardware, is film coated to blend in seamlessly with the colors of the bike.

Lighting and visibility have been significantly improved through the addition of LED – auxiliary lighting, rear lighting, side markers and front markers. Functionality has been enhanced with the addition of fully adjustable rear sets and handlebar levers, carbon fiber hand guards to compliment the heated padded grips, cruise control, GPS, tail rack, custom painted panniers and conveniently located dash controls.

There is a lot of stuff on this bike. One of the challenges was to create a showy sport touring bike that could and would be ridden long distances, could be taken to the track, and is easily serviced by either myself or anyone else. Nothing should go on the bike that doesn’t have a function, the function has to have form and the end result has to be serviceable. Every component added to the bike can be isolated or removed for service, repair or replacement, and allows easy access to other components for service or removal. Products used were modified so that they could be broken down and placed anywhere so that they do not interfere with routine bike service. Of course this wouldn’t be complete without a full set of drawings detailing the changes so CAD drawings were done as the changes were made.

For me the real art is not what you see; it’s what you don’t see “under the hood”. Never the less, I hope you enjoy what you do see as much as I do.

2005 BMW K1200S Data (PDF)

2005 BMW K1200S Brochure (PDF)

2005 BMW K1200S Drawings (PDF)

2005 BMW K1200S Tech Sheet (PDF)

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