1912 Indian Board Track Replica

“The early prewar Indian board track racers are the some of the first real motorcycles made. They are some of the best looking bikes ever produced. The bikes were stripped down to the bare essentials, often bump started with limited controls and no brakes. No rear suspension and possibly a leaf spring up front to keep the hands from going numb was all you had. Based off early bicycles, the styling was simplistic and clear.”

Enter Bull Cycles rendition of an early Indian board track racer. A tribute to those amazing bikes and the men who rode them. This is a new Indian replica built and finished with a rustic “as found” look. The bike has a 66cc 2 stroke gas powered motor. It is also pedal powered. Don’t like to pedal? A few pumps, drop the clutch, and the motor starts right up. Twist the throttle and the bike will travel at about 30 MPH top speed, and gets about 100MPG. The bike is chain driven with a centrifugal clutch. Unlike the bikes of their day, this bike does have brakes. It runs drives and stops great.

The finish on this bike is completely hand done. Every detail was thought out and labored over to give it that fantastic vintage feel, all the way down to the hand laid gold leaf on the tank. The beautiful white display tires really make the paint pop. The transitions from the reds to the browns and gold have an amazingly rich look and feel. This bike is an attention getter. No way around it. No one believes it is new and everyone stops to ask questions.

Bull Cycles is a custom motorcycle shop based in Batavia, Illinois and primarily build custom motorcycles. Their experience in custom fabrication from sheet metal , machining, welding, painting and design ensures the bike you are receiving is well built. They are a brick and mortar shop, and have been featured in magazines across the globe. That being said if you plan on riding this bike on a daily basis, maintenance will be necessary. The bike is fun and finicky and some basic understanding of adjusting chains, mixing fuel, and a few hand tools are needed.